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Supplementary material of the Ekaw 2010 paper on TyDI software

TyDI Software

TyDI (Terminology Design Interface) software is a result of the Quaero project. The current version is not publicly available. It is described in:

Claire Nedellec, Wiktoria Golik, Sophie Aubin, Robert Bossy, "Building Large Lexicalized Ontologies from Text: a Use Case in Indexing Biotechnology Patents", International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2010), Lisbon, Portugal, 11th 15th October, 2010.

See draft version.

TyDI documentation is available.

TyDI Evaluation

TyDI has been evaluated by the VegA project, through the VegAlvis application. VegAlvis is a semantic search engine on patents from the ECLA class A01H (New plants and processes for obtaining them).

The protocol and the results of the evaluation are available here.