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[2017-3]. M. Delattre and E. Kuhn. Estimating Fisher Information Matrix in Latent Variable Models.

[2017-2]. J. Guillaumont, C. Bidot, and S. Touzeau. Modlisation du portage des salmonelles dans un levage porcin.

[2017-1]. C. Baey, P. H. Cournde, and E. Kuhn. Testing variance components in nonlinear mixed effects models.

[2016-1]. Y. Li, R. Briandet, J. Deschamps, K. S. yeon, C. Kervrann, and A. Trubuil. Biofilm and swimmers interaction : processing and analysis of movies.

[2015-2]. K. Kiu and K. Adamczyk-Chauvat. Pseudolikelihood inference for Gibbsian T-tessellations. . . and point processes.

[2015-1]. J.-P. Gauchi. A practical method of global sensitivity analysis under constraints. [ .pdf ]

[2014-4]. E. Kuhn, k. Goethals, C. El-Nouty, and L. Duchateau. Assessing the correlation structure in cow udder quarter infection times through extensions of the correlated frailty model. [ http ]

[2014-3]. J.-B. Denis. Decomposing Square Matrices. [ .pdf ]

[2014-2]. S. Allassonniere, S. Durrleman, and E. Kuhn. Bayesian mixed effect atlas estimation with a diffeomorphic deformation model.

[2014-1]. C. Durot, S. Huet, F. Koladjo, and S. Robin. Nonparametric species richness estimation under convexity constraint. [ .pdf ]

[2013-3]. T. Helie and B. Laroche. Sries expansion of infinite dimensional linear-analytic systems: application to a nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli Beam.

[2013-2]. S. Huet and E. Kuhn. Goodness-of-fit test for Gaussian regression with block correlated errors.

[2013-1]. J.-P. Vila and J.-P. Gauchi. Predictive control of stochastic nonlinear state space dynamic systems: A particle nonparametric approach.

[2012-5]. I. Albert and J.-B. Denis. Dirichlet and multinomial distributions: properties and uses in Jags. [ .pdf ]

[2012-4]. J. Josse and J.-B. Denis. Inferring biadditive models within bayesian paradigm. [ .pdf ]

[2012-3]. J.-P. Gauchi. Global Sensitivity Analysis: The SIVIP method (SAS/IML language).

[2012-2]. J.-P. Gauchi. Programme de rgression PL1-PLS2 - version 2 - Langage SAS/IML.

[2012-1]. J. Gauchi. Programme de slection de variables en rgression PLS1: la mthode PLS-BQ - version 2 - Langage SAS/IML.

[2010-9]. J.-B. Denis, J. Hospitalier-Rivillon, R. Lailler, and S. Tenailleau. Contamination de coquillages marins par le virus de l'hpatite A. Recommandations pour l'amlioration de la matrise du risque.

[2010-8]. J.-P. Gauchi. Analyse de donnes mtagnomiques III -Rponse BMI : slection de variables par PLS-BQ Projet ANR MicroObes.

[2010-7]. J.-P. Gauchi. Analyse de donnes mtagnomiques (II) Projet ANR MicroObes.

[2010-6]. J.-P. Gauchi, S. Lehuta, and M. Stphanie. Optimal sensitivity analysis under constraints application to fisheries.

[2010-5]. J.-P. Gauchi, S. Lehuta, and S. Mahvas. Analyse de sensibilit optimale sous contraintes Application un problme halieutique II.

[2010-4]. J.-P. Gauchi. Analyse de donnes Finlande (III) - Etude de la rsistence aux antibiotiques - Bactries psychrotrophes dans le lait.

[2010-3]. J.-P. Gauchi. Analyse de donnes Finlande (II) - Etude de la rsistance aux antibiotiques - Bactries psychrotrophes dans le lait.

[2010-2]. A. Blin and J.-P. Gauchi. Programmes de rgression logistique PLS avec ou sans slection de variables - nom du programme : MIAJ_PLS-PLUS_V2009_1 - Langage : MATLAB.

[2010-1]. J.-P. Gauchi, S. Lehuta, and S. Mahvas. Analyse de sensibilit optimale sous contraintes Application un problme halieutique.

[2009-8]. C. Jacob. Branching processes: their rôle in epidemiology.

[2009-7]. J.-P. Gauchi. Analyse de donnes Finlande (I) - Etude de la rsistance aux antibiotiques - Bactries psychrotrophes dans le lait.

[2009-6]. J.-P. Gauchi and A. Blin. Analyse de donnes mtagnomiques (I) - Projet ANR MicroObes.

[2009-5]. A. Perasso, B. Laroche, and S. Touzeau. Identifiability analysis of an epidemiological model in a structured population. [ .pdf ]

[2009-4]. C. Giraud, S. Huet, and N. Verzelen. Graph selection with GGMselect. [ .pdf ]

[2009-3]. C. Bidot, J.-P. Gauchi, and J.-P. Vila. Programmation MATLAB : du filtrage non linaire par convolution de particules pour l'identification et l'estimation d'un systme dynamique microbiologique. [ .pdf ]

[2009-2]. J.-P. Vila and J.-P. Gauchi. Local optimality of replications from a minimal X-optimal design in regression: A sufficient and quasi-necessary condition.

[2009-1]. A. Blin and J.-P. Gauchi. MIAJ_RPLS_V2009_1 Programme de rgression PLS avec ou sans slection de variables.

[2008-7]. Z. Khraibani, C. Jacob, C. Ducrot, and M. Charras-Garrido. Early detection of an emerging disease based on records.

[2008-6]. C. Jacob, Z. Khraibani, and E. Pancheva. An extremal process approach for sporadic events.

[2008-5]. C. Jacob, L. Maillard, J.-B. Denis, and C. Bidot. Stochastic modelling of the incidence of clinical cases of a rare fatal SEI disease in a large branching population structured in ages. Example of the BSE epidemic in Great-Britain.

[2008-4]. N. Ziyadi, S. Touzeau, C. Bidot, J.-P. Treuil, and M. L. Hbid. Modle individu-centr de transmission de la tremblante dans un troupeau ovin. [ .pdf ]

[2008-3]. M. Lamboni, D. Makowski, and H. Monod. Multivariate global sensitivity analysis for discrete-time models. [ .pdf ]

[2008-2]. F. Villers, B. Schaeffer, C. Bertin, and S. Huet. Assessing the validity domains of graphical Gaussian models in order to infer relationships among components of complex biological systems. [ .pdf ]

[2008-1]. C. Jacob. Conditional Least Squares Estimation in nonlinear and nonstationary stochastic regression models: asymptotic properties and examples.

[2007-5]. N. Verzelen and F. Villers. Tests for Gaussian graphical models. [ .pdf ]

[2007-4]. N. Verzelen and F. Villers. Goodness-of-fit Tests for high-dimensional Gaussian linear models. [ .pdf ]

[2007-3]. C. Giraud. Estimation of Gaussian graphs by model selection. [ .pdf ]

[2007-2]. K. Adamczyk and A. Bouvier. Base de donnes colza : notice technique.

[2007-1]. J.-B. Denis and H. Monod. Utilisation de tests statistiqueS. [ .pdf ]

[2006-4]. MIA. Rapport pour l'valuation de l'unit annes [2002-2006].

[2006-3]. A. Kobilinsky. Planor : program for the automatic generation of regular experimental designs. [ .pdf ]

[2006-2]. J.-P. Gauchi and S. Issanchou. Computer-aided optimal designs for improving the neural network generalization.

[2006-1]. J.-P. Vila and J.-P. Gauchi. Optimal designs based on exact confidence regions for parameter estimation of a nonlinear regression model.

[2005-7]. C. Jacob. Population dynamics: modeling by branching processes or by dynamical systems?

[2005-6]. C. Jacob and P. Magal. Global stability in a SEI model for a large branching population with two age classes. Example of the influence of the French and British slaughterings on the BSE extinction.

[2005-5]. J.-B. Denis and P. Pardon. Introduction descriptive aux rseaux Baysiens. [ .pdf ]

[2005-4]. S. Huet. Comparison of methods for estimating the non zero components of a Gaussian vector. [ .pdf ]

[2005-3]. O. David, C. Gitton, M.-Y. Mistou, and H. Monod. Proteomic analysis of a lactic bacterium: level of replication and ANOVA. [ .pdf ]

[2005-2]. J.-P. Gauchi. Optimal statistical designs for the accurate estimation of the parameters of a growth rate model for Listeria monocytogenes. [ .pdf ]

[2005-1]. K. Kiêu and M. Mora. Stereological estimation of mean volume : precision of three simple sampling designs. [ .pdf ]

[2004-4]. J.-P. Gauchi and J.-P. Vila. Planification exprimentale optimale pour des modles de rgression non linaire. Approche base sur des rgions de confiance paramtriques exactes.

[2004-3]. S. Touzeau, M. Chase-Topping, L. Matthews, D. Lajous, F. Eychenne, B. Schaeffer, B. Laroche, J.-M. Elsen, and M. Woolhouse. Modelling scrapie transmission in a sheep flock: effect of lambing seasonality. [ .pdf ]

[2004-2]. J.-P. Gauchi. Optimal planning of experiments for the CFT model.

[2004-1]. J. Schohn, S. Huet, and H. Monod. Mise en oeuvre du modle linaire mixte pour deux exemples types l'aide de la procdure mixed de SAS et la fonction R. [ .pdf ]

[2003-8]. B. Schaeffer. Mthode de classification adaptes aux donnes binaires.

[2003-7]. J.-P. Gauchi and A. Pázman. Distribution of the least squares estimator, stochastic optimization and optimum designs in nonlinear models.

[2003-6]. N. Lalam and C. Jacob. Estimation de l'efficacit pour une trajectoire individuelle d'amplification par PCR partir de simulations et de donnes relles. Programmes Mathematica.

[2003-5]. N. Lalam, C. Jacob, and P. Jagers. Modelling the PCR amplification process by a size-dependent branching processes and estimation of the yield.

[2003-4]. N. Lalam and C. Jacob. Estimation of the offspring mean in a supercritical or near-critical size-dependent branching process.

[2003-3]. C. Delmas. A note on the asymptotic properties of maximum likelihood estimators and likelihood ratio tests under nonstandard conditions.

[2003-2]. C. Delmas. Projections on spherical cones, maximum of Gaussian fields and Rice's method.

[2003-10]. H. Poilleux-Milhem, S. Huet, H. Picault, and M. Renard. Effect of a crop discontinuity on the rapeseed pollen dipsersal function.

[2003-1]. C. Delmas. On asymptotic likelihood ratio tests in Gaussian mixture models.

[2002-5]. MIA. Rapport pour l'valuation de l'unit 2002.

[2002-4]. C. Jacob and A.-F. Viet. Epidemiological modeling in a branching population with horizontal and vertical transmissions. Particular case of SIS diseases with two age classes. [ .pdf ]

[2002-3]. C. Jacob and B. Schaeffer. I Modlisation stochastique de la fivre de la valle du Rift au Sngal - II Modlisation de la dynamique des Culex et Aedes en fonction de donnes climatiques.

[2002-2]. I. Albert. Classification de populations naturelles de listeria monocytogene partir de critres de virulence in vitro mthodes statistiques exploratoires multidimensionnelles.

[2002-1]. M.-L. Martin. Non-parametric estimation of the hazard function using a model selection method: estimation of cancer death in Hiroshima A-bomb survivors.

[2001-8]. J. Wang, A. Trubuil, C. Graffigne, and B. Kaeffer. Dtection et comptage d'objets 3D coalescents en microscopie confocale multicanaux: une mthode base sur la validation de modle. [ .pdf ]

[2001-7]. C. Jacob. Modlisation stochastique de la Fivre de la Valle du Rift au Sngal.

[2001-6]. N. Lalam and C. Jacob. Estimation of the offspring mean in a supercritical size-dependent branching process.

[2001-5]. J.-P. Gauchi. Microbiologie prvisionnelle : estimation du paramtre de croissance maximum partir des donnes de l'appareillage BIOSCREEN.

[2001-4]. A. Pázman and J.-B. Denis. measures of nonlinearity for biadditive models. [ .ps ]

[2001-3]. K. Kiêu. Propositions pour le site Web du département BIA. [ .pdf ]

[2001-2]. V. Foucteau and J.-B. Denis. A Bayesian approach for the statistical analysis of successive experimental networks in plant breeding.

[2000-5]. V. Emeriau and K. Adamczyk. Base de donnes colza.

[2000-4]. J.-P. Gauchi. Estimation de la rptabilit et de la reproductibilit des mesures exprimentales.

[2000-3]. J.-P. Gauchi. valuation quantitative de l'exposition l'Ochratoxine A.

[2000-2]. J.-P. Gauchi. Panorama sur la planification exprimentale optimale pour des modles de rgression non linaire.

[2000-1]. J.-P. Gauchi. Plans d'expriences : exemples d'utilisation de la procdure FACTEX du logiciel SAS/QC (version 6.12).

[1999-3]. C. Jacob. Weighted least squares estimation in an explosive autoregressive process with a size-dependent branching composent.

[1999-2]. J.-P. Gauchi and P. Chagnon. Comparaison de mthodes de slection de variables explicatives en rgression PLS . Application aux donnes de procds de fabrication industrielle.

[1999-1]. J.-B. Denis. Biadditivity for square tables.

[1998-6]. O. David, H. Monod, and J. Amoussou. Optimal designs to adjust for interference with a covariance analysis. [ .ps ]

[1998-4]. J.-B. Denis and A. Pázman. Biadditive ANOVA models: reminders and asymptotical parameter bias.

[1998-3]. J. Moro-Serrano and J.-B. Denis. Selecting genotypes by clustering for qualitative genotype-by-environment interaction, using a non-symmetric score : univariate and multivariate perspectives.

[1998-2]. J.-B. Denis. BIAREG, SPLUS functions to perform biadditive regressions. [ .pdf ]

[1998-1]. K. Kiêu, W. Xiong, and A. Trubuil. Precision of systematic counts.

[1997-7]. C. Jacob and J. Peccoud. Estimation of the unknown parameters of a branching process from migrating binomial observations.

[1997-6]. C. Jacob and N. Breton. Probability distribution of the chemical states of a closed system and thermodynamic law of mass action from kinetics. The RNA example.

[1997-5]. C. Jacob and N. Breton. Stochastic theories of the activated complex and the activated collision.

[1997-4]. J.-B. Denis and A. Pázman. Bias in nonlinear regression models with constrained parameters.

[1997-3]. J.-B. Denis and J. Moro-Serrano. Decomposing effets with two (or more) groups of levels.

[1997-2]. R. Quilb. Modlisations en analyse des risques alimentaires.

[1997-1]. K. Kiêu, S. Souchet, and J. Istas. Precision of systematic sampling and transitive methods.

[1995-2]. C. Jacob and J. Peccoud. Statistical inference for a supercritical branching process from binomial migrating observations.

[1991-1]. C. Jacob, P. Daegelen, and N. Breton. Structure de l'ARNII : modlisation stochastique du processus de repliement de l'ARN.

[1989-1]. C. Jacob. Ergodicity in periodic autoregressive models.

[1987-3]. C. Jacob. Systmes Dynamiques : Modlisation Dterministe ou Stochastique ?

[1987-2]. C. Jacob. Study of the probabilistic properties of a periodic autoregressive model.

[1987-1]. J. Demongeot and C. Jacob. Confineurs: une approche stochastique des attracteurs.

[1982-1]. A. Kobilinsky. Programme MODLI.

[1978-3]. A. Kobilinsky. Programmation Statistique - Fichiers Universels - Notice d'utilisationdu porgramme d'analyse d'un modle lineaire - MODLI.

[1978-2]. A. Kobilinsky. Calculs en analyse de variance effets fixes et alatoires. Quelques sous-programmes utiles.

[1978-1]. A. Kobilinsky. Programme Fest : Dcomposition d'une fonction estimable.

[1976-1]. A. Kobilinsky. Sur l'utilisation de l'analyse multicanonique par la mthode de CAROLL.


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