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Keywords : ABE ; cell energetics ; Clostridium ; dynamic model ; metabolism ; riboflavin. [ DOI ]

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Keywords : Uncertain large scale systems ; robustness analy- sis ; IQC analysis ; LMI optimization ; hierarchical approach ; IQC propagation. [ DOI ]

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Keywords : Systems biology ; Multi-scale systemic description ; Prokaryotic biological processes ; Mathematical models ; Biological ontology.

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Keywords : escherichia-coli ; cells ; model ; networks ; operon. [ DOI ]

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Keywords : Nonlinear optimization ; Unconstrained optimization ; Trust-region algorithm ; Adaptive regularized framework using cubics ; Line search algorithm ; Energy nom. [ DOI ]

[17] J. Moreira da Veiga, M. Hamraz, M. Abolhassani, E. Bigan, S. Peres, L. Paulevé, M. L. Nogueira, J. M. Steyaert, and L. Schwartz. The redox status of cancer cells supports mechanisms behind the warburg effect. Metabolites, 6(4): 13 p. article n° 33, 2016. DOI:10.3390/metabo6040033.

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Keywords : arabidopsis; oil body; oleosin; seed development.

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Keywords : developmental biology ; embryogenesis ; morphodynamics ; morphogenesis ; plant embryo ; confocal microscopy ; image analysis ; cell lineage ; cell mechanics ; finite element method ; modeling.

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Keywords : Bacillus subtilis ; YabT.

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Keywords : Protein prediction algorithms, data quality, sensitivity analysis. [ http | .pdf ]

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Mots-clés : dymogramme, dynamique membranaire, suivi d'objet, visualisation 3D+T.

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Mots-clés : Bioinformatique, 2DE, électrophorèse, MS, Fouille de données, Protéomique.

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Mots-clés : 2DE, Lactococus lactis, MS identification, Protéomique.

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Mots-clés : Cytometrie, microscopie confocale, analyse d'image, crypte colique, statistique, validation, de modèle.

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