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Sensitivity Indexes Calculated from Polynomial Chaos Expansions

What is polychaosbasics?

polychaosbasics is a R package which computes sensitivity indexes by using a method based on a truncated Polynomial Chaos Expansion of the response. The necessary condition of the method is: the inputs must be uniformly and independently sampled. Since the inputs are uniformly distributed, the truncated Polynomial Chaos Expansion is built from the multivariate Legendre orthogonal polynomials. Note that, when the inputs are dependent or not uniformly distributed, the package plspolychaos can be used.

This package is developed in the MaIAGE Lab. of INRA - Jouy-en-Josas, France.


J.-P. Gauchi (MaIAGE, INRA) [creator], A. Bouvier (MaIAGE, INRA) [author], A. Bensadoun (MaIAGE, INRA) [author]


J.-P. Gauchi, A. Bensadoun, F. Colas, N. Colbach. Metamodeling and global sensitivity analysis for computer models with correlated inputs: A practical approach tested with 3D light interception computer model. Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 92, June 2017. p. 40-56. doi.


Some examples of polychaosbasics use can be found User Guide (pdf).

polychaosbasics is an open source, freely available software released under the GPL-3 Licence.

R system, and the R-packages: lhs, MASS

Download the last version here (uncompress the file before installation) or from the CRAN site.

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