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MOSAIC is a relational database and web interface developed to compare closely related bacterial genomes.
Genomes of different strains of the same species are aligned with either the MGA (Höhl et al 2002) software or the MAUVE (Darling et al 2004) to determine almost identical regions constituting the backbone which is interrupted by strain specific sequences (the variable_segments).
In MOSAIC you can browse alignments, extract backbone and variable_segments sequences and get a graphical visualisation of the aligned genomes.
If you use MOSAIC please cite Chiapello /et al/. /BMC Bioinformatics/ 2005 and Chiapello /et al/. /BMC Bioinformatics/ 2008

Last complete release available : release 6 (March 2011)
If you wish to add a new genome comparison into the database, please contact


ACCESS BY SPECIES (Main access to the comparisons available in MOSAIC)
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ACCESS BY GENE NAME (Access to the backbone/variable segment structure in the vicinity of a gene of interest)
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MOSAIC has been developped by INRA-MIG
GRANTS: ACI-IMPBIO (2004-2006), ANR COCOGEN (2008-2010), ANR MIGADI (2008-2010)
COLLABORATIONS: INRA-UBLO (now MICALIS) (2003-2008), CNRS-LIRMM (2008-2010), CNRS-Station Biologique de Roscoff (2008-2010)

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