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last updated on 2008-01-07 with data from Kegg release 45.0 date 2007/12/31

small bulletAbout PAREO

The name PAREO is short for "PAthway Relational Organisation".
Actually, PAREO is mainly based on KEGG (*) data, but these data are stored within our own relationnal database hosted at MIG unit, allowing special processings which are briefly described below.

Within PAREO Web interface, you can browse pathways, enzymes, compounds or species through hierarchical treeviews.
When displaying KEGG's pathway map, PAREO can colorize enzyme boxes according to the existence of a corresponding gene within the specie's annotated genome.
And it is possible to colorize a map for many species at the same time (by many, we mean less than a dizain, otherwise it's difficult to see anything!).

Moreover you can define your own group of species : then the color intensity of the box will reflect the number of occurence of a corresponding gene amongst the species of the group.
Finally, if your favorite species is not yet fully sequenced and/or annotated, you can define a (private) fictive species and associate a list of EC to it. Then, you will be able to use it as any other species to colorize enzyme boxes.

You can also add some comment on any pathway, enzyme, compound or gene, which will be shared with all PAREO users.
Of course, these comments are kept up between PAREO updates.

(*) Kanehisa, M., Goto, S., Hattori, M., Aoki-Kinoshita, K.F., Itoh, M., Kawashima, S., Katayama, T., Araki, M., and Hirakawa, M.; From genomics to chemical genomics: new developments in KEGG. Nucleic Acids Res. 34, D354-357 (2006).

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Pareo has been developped with support from the Expresss Fingerprint project (EU grant QLK3-CT-2001-01473 within 5FP).

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