LLL Challenge - Scoring Service \ Help

The two programs that will process your prediction file
- check if the file format is correct and
- compute the scores.

The programs are downloadable on the web page. Click here to download their documentation that includes the description of the prediction file format to be uploaded and the description of the computation process.

Additionally, the prediction file to be uploaded should start with a header in the following format:
       % Participant name: <name>
       % Participant institution: <institution>
       % Participant email address: <email address>
       % Format checked: YES/NO        % Basic data: YES/NO
       % Coreference distinction: WITH COREFERENCE and WITHOUT COREFERENCE

"Basic data" is set to YES if the test set is the "basic" one, NO if it is "enriched".
"Coreference distinction" is set by default to "WITH COREFERENCE and WITHOUT COREFERENCE". It means that the score of the results should be computed on the two types of data in the test set. If only one of the training set has been used for training and the participant wants the score being computed on the the same type of data in the test set, the participant should select that type only, i.e. WITH COREFERENCE or WITHOUT COREFERENCE.