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The 39 Bacillus subtilis essential genes
BSFA : 21, JAFAN : 18

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  • BFS2414
    ysxCHARWOOD C.Image file: BFS2414.pcr1.gif; M.: 100bp DNA ladder marker(Pharmacia)with an increased intesity of the 800bp fragment. Strain IPTG dependent.
  • BFS2808
    ymfMERRINGTON J.IPTG-dependent strain. Minicell vegetative phenotype, Spo+ strain.
  • BFS2830
    ylqFERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion IPTG inducible strain Transformed with P65 lacI over-producer plasmid
  • BFS2839
    smcERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion IPTG inducible
  • BFS2851
    yjbNERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion IPTG dependent
  • BFS32
    ytaGEHRLICH S.D.strain IPTG dependent
  • BFS3201
    ywaBMOIR A., FOSTER S.This strain was made as an essential gene construct
  • BFS3211
    ywbLMOIR A., FOSTER S.This strain was made as an essential gene construct
  • BFS3212
    ywbMMOIR A., FOSTER S.This strain was made as an essential gene construct
  • BFS3236
    ylbJMOIR A., FOSTER S.This strain was made as an essential gene construct
  • BFS2809
    pgsAERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion to pgsA. Mutant vegetative growth and morphology, Spo+ strain.
  • BFS18
    ypuHEHRLICH S.D.This strain is IPTG dependant. During the construction a strong RBS was introduced at the beginning of the ypuH gene
  • BFS9
    ypuGEHRLICH S.D.transcriptional fusio between the pSpac and the ypuGHI operon
  • BFS17
    ypuGEHRLICH S.D.Strain IPTG dependant
  • BFS2823
    yloQERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion transformed with P65 in 168 (lacI overproducer) chromosomal DNA. 1st level tests (Errington) Reduced growth rate in rich media.
  • BFS2807
    ymfLERRINGTON J.Pspac fusion to ymfL. Vegetative growth mutant phenotype, Spo+ strain.
  • BFS612
    ytfDHECKER M.vector insert is not an internal fragment but contains also upstream sequence. The strain is viable without addition of IPTG.
  • BFS2624
    ylxRGALIZZI A.essential gene
  • BFS2055
    yoaNSCHUMANN W.essential gene
  • BFS1405
    yufDSARVAS M.IPTG-dependent
  • BFS215
    ywlCSTRAGIER P.The ywlC gene is essential and this mutant has ywlC underthe control of Pspac
  • YAAKp
    yaaKJAFAN region A
  • YABHp
    yabHJAFAN region A
  • YACMp
    yacMJAFAN region A
  • YACNp
    yacNJAFAN region A
  • YDGIp
    ydgIJAFAN region D
  • YDIBp
    ydiBJAFAN region D
  • YDICp
    ydiCJAFAN region D
  • YDIEp
    ydiEJAFAN region D
  • YQIBp
    yqiBJAFAN region Q
  • YQIDp
    yqiDJAFAN region Q
  • YQIFp
    yqiFJAFAN region Q
  • YXEMp
    yxeMJAFAN region X
  • YXJMp
    yxjMJAFAN region X
  • YXXDp
    yxxDJAFAN region X
  • YXXGp
    yxxGJAFAN region X
  • YYBQp
    yybQJAFAN region Y
  • YYCFp
    yycFJAFAN region Y
  • YYCGp
    yycGJAFAN region Y

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