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CaliFloPP download and installation

OS Requirements:
Installation of CaliFloPP needs a C++ compiler.

Download and installation:

  1. Unload the tar-archive file califlopp-3.3.tar.gz (compressed: 9.5Mb, uncompressed: 30.8Mb)
  2. Untar it in the installation directory:
    tar xf califlopp-3.3.tar.gz
    This command creates a directory named "califlopp-3.3".
  3. Place you in this directory and type the following commands for a typical installation:
    ./configure [--bindir <bindir>]
    <bindir> stands for the absolute pathname of the directory where the executables will be installed. By default /usr/local/bin
    make check
    make install
    make clean
    make distclean
    For more details,
    - type ./configure --help
    - read the file INSTALL
    - read the installation guide in doc/manual/manual.pdf.

Previous versions: