Colony of thermophilic bacteria at Mickey Hot Springs, Oregon





Bacteria Biotope at BioNLP-ST'13

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Systematic research on bacteria involving their habitats is currently impossible due to the lack of structured databases or a formal model of habitats. The purpose of the OntoBiotope project is to build an ontology including a hierarchy of habitats, bacteria-habitat relationships and habitat properties for the indexing of genomics information and papers.

OntoBiotope is led by the Bibliome research group at INRA and the microbiologists of Ife team of INRA
MICALIS lab. It is supported by the INRA metaprogram "Metagenomics et Microorganism Ecosystems". It gathers a network of biologists working on diverse biotopes, from food to digesters. The kick-off meeting was held in November, 2012 in Paris.

The Bibliome research group at INRA organizes the Bacteria Biotope task of the BioNLP Shared Task in 2011 and 2013. These tasks aim at extracting biotope information from papers in natural language. The ST-2013 is currently running.