R package PGS: Precision of Geometric Sampling


pgs stands for Precision of Geometric Sampling. pgs is a R package and can be used for computing and estimating the mean squared error of planar area and volume stereological estimators based on grids of points, lines, quadrats, serial sections, fakir beds... The first version (0.1) of pgs has been provided in complement to the paper

Kiêu, K. and Mora, M. (2006) Precision of stereological area predictors. J. Microsc, 222(3).

The version 0.2 has been described at the 10th European Congress for Stereology (Milano, 2009). See the paper below

Kiêu, K. and Mora, M. (2009) Advances on the precision of several stereological volume estimators. In Stereology and Image Analysis. Ecs10: Proceeding of the 10th European Conference of ISS., (V.Capasso et al. Ed.), 17--26, The MIRIAM Project Series, Vol. 4, ESCULAPIO Pub. Co., Bologna, Italy.

A preprint is available here.

Download and install

pgs is now available from CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive network). Therefore it can be downloaded and installed directly from R. Also available on CRAN are the reference guide and a user guide (follow the link "An R package for assessing the precision of geometric sampling"/).