Probabilistic modelling of tiling array expression data


This program implements the approach presented in our paper "Transcriptional landscape estimation from tiling array data using a model of signal shift and drift" Pierre Nicolas, Aurélie Leduc, Stéphane Robin, Simon Rasmussen, Hanne Jarmer and Philippe Bessières (2009) Bioinformatics.

Information about how to install the software can be found in the INSTALL file. Usage of the program is described in the README file. 64-bit Linux x86 Binaries, source code and data sets are included in the zipped archive This program is distributed under terms of the GNU Public License COPYING.

Additional data

The positions of the promoters and terminators predicted from the sequence alone that served in the benchmark comparison presented in our paper can be downloaded (promoters, terminators). The promoter predictions were made after training a model on intergenic regions using SHOW. Terminator predictions used the software PETRIN described in PubMed.