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A set of Splus (or R) functions and programs to estimate the parameters of a non-linear regression model over a given set of observations.

The regression function can be defined explicitly as a function of independent variables and of unknown parameters or it can be defined as the solution of a system of differential equations. Heteroscedasticity of errors can be taken into account by modelling the variance function.

Several additional tools are included: plotting functions, functions to process series of estimations, calculate confidence intervals and confidence regions for parameters and functions of parameters, and process calibration study. The description of the models can be provided by using a symbolic syntax.

To use without Splus nor R, see nls2C

This package is developed in the MaIAGE Lab. of INRA - Jouy-en-Josas, France.

Keywords: Statistics, Nonlinear Regression, Calibration

NB: This package does not be confused with the package of same name on the CRAN ( http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/nls2)

License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. We decline all responsability in case of damage due to nls2 installation or use.

System Requirements and Available versions


User Guide:
Once nls2 installed on your platform, open in a browser the file nls2/html/Functions.welcome.html.

Download nls2 :
nls2 is distributed under GPL license. Download the last version.


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