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Use this tool to compare sequence of one of the 10 makers ( ? LSU complete: complete sequence of the 26S ribosomal RNA gene (large subunit)
LSU D1/D2: partial sequence of the 26S ribosomal gene comprising the D1/D2 region
ITS ribosomal RNA region containing the intergenic region 1 (between 18S and 5.8S), the 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene and the intergenic region 2 (between 5.8S and 26S)
SSU complete: complete sequence of the 18S ribosomal RNA gene (small subunit)
ACT1: partial sequence of the exon2 of the ACT1 gene coding for actin
TEF1-alpha: partial sequence of the translation elongation factor 1-alpha gene
RPB1: RNA polymerase II largest subunit gene
RBP2: partial sequence of the RNA polymerase II second largest subunit gene
mtSSU: mitochondrial small subunit ribosomal RNA gene
mtCOX II: partial sequence of mitochondrial cytochrome C oxidase subunit 2 gene
) available against the YeastIP database for ascomycetous yeasts. For identification, LSU D1/D2, complete LSU, ITS, or SSU, is recommended.

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